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5 Star Reviews of ATX Animal Clinic Austin TX

We admit it. Positive reviews get us excited, not because we like to brag, but because nothing makes us happier than helping and succeeding with animals in need of care. We’re a trusted partner to many and have a long history of providing top quality veterinary care for pets in Austin TX. Check out some of what our other clients have had to say about us.

Dr. Rob and his staff are great! Brought in my new pup for an exam, he was kind, patient and not only answered the many questions that I had, but informed me of other things to consider in the future for my boy’s health that I didn’t even think about. Definitely glad I found these guys!

Austin Travis

Dr. Rob is fantastic. He focused on my cat’s health, not trying to sell me extra shots or exams. He petted her through a thorough exam that she thought was a lovey dovey visit. It was! She was a trooper, but did better than at other well vet visits.

Maria S.

The girl at the front desk is seriously so sweet and knowledgeable about the meds and products. The vet is very great with my crazy pitbull. She hates vets but oddly loves him. I ask 100000s of questions and they always answer them in detail. I feel very comfortable taking my pups here. And the prices really aren’t too steep.

Savannah Kinney

My wife and I just started taking our 11 year old pup here and I can easily say that this is our favorite veterinary clinic we have ever used. Dr. Rob is extremely knowledgeable and thorough, and has followed up with us twice after the visit to check in on our dog and see if she is doing better. It is obvious that he truly cares about the animals, and loves what he does. This will most definitely be our vet clinic moving forward, and I would definitely recommend them to friends and family.

John J.

Incredibly helpful and courteous staff, and treatments done on all of our pets showed immediate positive results. Dr. Pieratt treated pancreatitis for my dog and have him healed in less than 24 hours which other offices had been unable to treat until days later. He also took our family dog’s leg injury and treated it immediately, and he’s been healthy ever since. Not only are they prompt and accessible, but they truly care for the well being of your animals and will follow up to make sure the treatments are working. Best vets in Austin!

Jay Meador

We were on the search for a good vet for our newest addition to our household, a laid-back ginger tomcat we adopted from a local shelter when he was about 5 months old. We landed upon Dr. Rob and his team via Yelp, and couldn’t be happier. Dr. Rob is knowledgeable, on time, honest as can be, and relaxed, which put our little guy at ease immediately. We trust Dr. Rob and his office staff and are so glad that they take such good care of our sweet boy.

Sarah P.

I’m so glad we found ATX Animal Clinic! I’ve had such bad experiences in the past with vets, but Dr. Rob was so helpful and wonderful examining our dog and providing insight to what we need to do at home to continue to help her. The whole staff was so kind and wonderful to our sweet fur baby. I cannot say enough about this place and will recommend it to all my friends!

Sarah R.

I have two cats and one of them (who is normally so sweet and loving) turns into a total monster when he goes to the vet. The vet takes him time, lets my cat get comfortable and respects his boundaries. This vet is honest about what is absolutely necessary and tries to save you money and save your pets the unnecessary trouble. They also squeezed me in when I was had a major scare with my cats. I HIGHLY recommend this place!!!

Dani S.

We went to see Doctor Robert with quite a serious problem and he was able to identify an obstruction, though it would not appear on x-ray. He performed a very successful emergency surgery. My puppy was back up, running, and happy less than a week later. Dr. Robert has followed up post-op both on the phone and in the office several times. We could not have had a better experience.

Maureen O'Leary

I recently adopted a 5 year old and took her to ATX to run tests and make sure she was taken care of regarding shots etc. Everyone at the clinic (front desk, techs, vet), from the second we walked in the door, was kind and helpful. They all showed empathy to my pup knowing that she was confused and nervous being in a new place with a new owner and made her feel comfortable. Dr. Pieratt was thorough and knowledgeable and answered all my questions and gave me great advice for how to help my dog make a healthy transition into her new home. I’ve already recommended ATX Animal Clinic to my family and friends and will do so for anyone who asks in the future.

Reed Hawn

This veterinary clinic is AWESOME! We just brought our cat to ATX Animal Clinic for the first time. On the way there, he was trying to get out of his carrying cage in the car – he somehow managed to fracture a claw and cause puncture wounds on his mouth. Chris, the Vet Tech, saw him right away, was so attentive, and helped us calm down too. Dr. Rob saw him very quickly after that, and I was amazed at how our cat responded so positively to him. Dr. Rob did a full diagnosis and blood panel on him, he did x-rays, and was very thorough. Everyone there is so incredibly nice and caring. And our cat liked it too!!!

Monica S.

I brought my cat in for his annual. Now, I love my cat but he HATESSS the vet. He gets terribly frightened and decides that if he’s going down, he’s taking as many vet techs as he can with him. Dr. Rob’s lovely staff were able to get him vaccinated in the exam room without going through all of that. Very nice guy. Took his time with us, and talked to me like I was an intelligent human being. He was concerned with my cat’s experience as much as mine.

Janice O.

We’ve been seeing Dr. Rob for the past 6 months and I seriously can not say enough good things about him. Dr. Rob is extremely kind and compassionate to both me and my dogs. He always explains options and treatments thoroughly.

Mary C.

My dog starting going potty on the rug out of no where. She’s 10 so this was very unusual. I noticed she was going very frequently which is also unusual. On one of our walks I noticed blood in the urine. I thought she had a bladder infection and took her in right away. Dr. Rob is amazing!! He saw her earlier that morning and discovered a lump in her bladder. He sent her back for X-rays and determined she had a huge bladder stone. He recommended a surgery to remove it. I was a balling mess of emotions. Dr. Rob was so comforting and I can’t thank him enough!! They admitted her immediately for emergency surgery to get the jagged stone out. It was tearing up her bladder on the inside. They had her in and out of surgery in a couple hours. My dog took a couple weeks to fully recover but she is back to herself and so grateful! As am I to Dr. Rob and his team!! Amazing and I can’t thank them enough!

Lesley E.

Great, professional, clean, kind environment. Very open about prices and quick to reply! Will be bringing my cats for future check ups and treatments.

Jennifer Chavez