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Chris Magness

Office Manager


Formerly a vet tech at ATX Animal Clinic, Chris is now our Office Manager. He was born and raised in Germany in the Eifel mountains and spent much of his childhood out in nature. “This is where my love of animals flourished,” says Chris. Chris loves all things nature, and nature seems to love him back! Most animals tend to be at ease with Chris as wild animals would follow and befriend him as a child. “I’ve learned to incorporate that ease and calm into the workplace.”

Chris started his career with animal care in 1998 with the Austin SPCA as a lab tech and rehabilitating abused animals. ATX Animal Clinic will be Chris’s 5th vet clinic that he’s worked at since then. He states that his position at ATX Animal Clinic “allows him to work in all aspects of the veterinary field: including vaccinations, dental and surgical assistance, educating clients, primary care, inventory management, cleaning (lots of cleaning) and assuring that you and your pet have a pleasant and smooth experience.”

At home Chris spends time with his 16-year-old son Jake, 2 dogs, Izzie and Rubi, and his fiancée Felicia. His family enjoys hiking, camping, gardening, beachcombing…pretty much all things outdoors. Chris especially loves fishing and cooking with his son. He looks forward to meeting you and your pets!