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Pet Health, Nutrition, and Veterinary Care Tips from Our Blog
A youn cat going crazy for catnip

Catnip: It’s Not Just for Cats

Catnip is actually a valuable herb from the mint family. It can be very beneficial...
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How our pets are affected by the Monkeypox

Monkeypox and Our Pets

If you've been diagnosed with monkeypox, it's important to be extremely cautious as it may...
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How do dogs and cats see things?

How Dogs and Cats See

While it was originally believed for many years that cats and dogs could only see...
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There are been many myths about cats and dogs over time, but which ones are true?

Some Myths about Cats and Dogs

There are numerous myths about cats and dogs. Some of them are true, but others...
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Image of a cat sitting in a liter box

Familiarizing Your Cats with the Litter Box

If you’re new to the wonderful world of kittens and cats, you need to understand...
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A kitten chews a plastic dinosaur toy that may be toxic. March 18-24 is Poison Prevention Week for Pets

Poison Prevention Week and Your Pets

Poison prevention is a serious matter, and there are not only many household cleaners that...
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Image of an Australian Cobberdog puppy lying face down

What are the First Signs of Heartworms in Dogs?

If you’ve brought your cat or dog to your Austin vet for a routine checkup,...
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A puppy and kitten huddled together under a blanket to keep warm in winter

Keeping Your Pets Safe in the Winter

As we all know, and as is written in the contracts with our pets…they simply...
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Image of a dog and cat wearing Santa Claus hats

Holidays and Your Pets

As we all know, and as is written in the contracts with our pets…they simply...
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