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Pet Health, Nutrition, and Veterinary Care Tips from Our Blog
A cat who has sprayed urine on the floor

The Underlying Causes of Cat Spraying

The underlying causes of cat spraying can vary from cat to cat. It’s a common...
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Toxoplasmosis is a parasite that can affect cats, dogs, and humans

How Toxoplasmosis Can Affect Our Pets

Toxoplasmosis is a single-celled and zoonotic parasite, that is usually spread through contaminated soil, or...
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A dog and a cat sensing each other by smell

Our Pets and Their Sense of Smell

While cats and dogs are different animals, they do have one thing in common –...
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Image of a barking dog trying to get attention

How Cats and Dogs Communicate

Cats and Dogs are both intelligent animals that are able to communicate with us to...
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Both cats and dogs can experience arthritis as they get older

Arthritis in Dogs and Cats

No cat or dog is immune to arthritis. Arthritis can affect any age, sex, and...
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Cases of canine influenza are on the rise in Austin, Texas

Canine Influenza Hits Central Texas

Canine Influenza is not contagious to humans. It’s a respiratory illness that can make a...
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Dog breeds with floppy ears are very susceptible to ear infections

Ear Infections and Your Pets

It’s not uncommon for your pets to experience ear infections. The major causes are otitis,...
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Urinary Obstructions can be detrimental to a male cat's health

Male Cats and Urinary Obstructions

For male cats, urinary obstructions and urinary tract infections are conditions that may develop over...
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A youn cat going crazy for catnip

Catnip: It’s Not Just for Cats

Catnip is actually a valuable herb from the mint family. It can be very beneficial...
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